Despacho Ceremony: 
A Community Prayer for Balance and Harmony in the Quechua Tradition

Sunday, Oct. 20
1 – 5pm
A Despacho is a beautiful and ancient ceremony from the Quechua people of Peru in which we send offerings and prayers to the Spirit World for the creation of ayni (balance and harmony) in our lives. This sacred ceremony is also a beautiful and powerful way to honor new beginnings, and to ask for healing and release of energies that are blocking the full expression of our most creative life. A Despacho can help with all aspects of life: relationships, work or career, health, home and others.

In light of the profound changes that are happening on so many levels right now for our world family, we will also include the earth and all our relations in our intentions for balance and harmony.

What will happen?
  • Working with strong intention, each participant will create a beautiful mandala by arranging numerous small elements on a large sheet of paper to embody our prayers.
  • Each paper is folded and tied in a particular manner to form a “Despacho bundle.”
  • In a fire ceremony, we will release our prayers to the Spirit World.

Who should attend?
All are welcome, and no previous shamanic journey experience is necessary. For those interested in shamanism, this may be a powerful learning experience that you may want to share with others in the future.  

Fee: $49
To register: Call 636.394.6210 or email

About the facilitator
Julie Lange Groth has been teaching shamanism since December 2000 and is an experienced practitioner. She is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program as well as Sandra Ingerman’s 2-year teacher training. She is an initiated Paca in the Quechua tradition, an advanced Pranic healer and a Reiki II practitioner.