Medicine for the Earth Gathering
 Together we can create heaven on earth 
Saturday, Oct. 11, 9:30am - 5pm
Hackettstown, NJ, area
Based on the groundbreaking work of Sandra Ingerman. From cross-cultural legends of shamanic cures to biblical accounts of seas parting and water transforming to wine, many spiritual traditions are rich with stories about unexplainable miracles. Using a powerful combination of guided meditation, shamanic journeying and ceremony, our work will focus on transforming not only physical toxins, but also emotional and mental toxins that poison perceptions of reality. 

This work brings together people who believe it is possible to create heaven on earth.  It puts us in touch with our own ability to be miracle workers and teaches us about our own enormous power, which we are using every minute of the day without being conscious of it.  With every thought, word and deed, we are creating ourselves, our lives, our reality, for better or worse.  Medicine for the Earth shows us how to use our power to create health, wholeness and harmony in our world and within ourselves.

Blanket or mat to lie on; pillow or backjack to sit on; bandanna or eyeshade; notebook or journal; comfortable clothes suitable for going outdoors; sack lunch, beverages and snacks for yourself. Also, please bring a small container of water from a place that has been polluted or is in need of healing.

To register: Contact Julie at or 908-399-9762

Julie Lange Groth, who has been personally trained by Sandra Ingerman to lead Medicine for the Earth gatherings. Julie is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program and has learned from numerous other teachers from various shamanic traditions. She has been teaching shamanism for more than 10 years. More information at

Suggested reading: Medicine for the Earth: How to transform personal and environmental toxins by Sandra Ingerman