Healing with Spiritual Light:
Together we can create heaven on earth
Saturday, August 21, 2011, 9:30 AM- 5 PM
Location: Eliot Unitarian Chapel, 100 S. Taylor (216 E. Argonne), Kirkwood
Suggested donation: $85 if registered before Aug. 1, $95 after
This powerful healing modality is based on Medicine for the Earth, a groundbreaking body of work developed by world-renown author and teacher Sandra Ingerman. It combines guided meditation, shamanic journeywork and ceremony, enabling us to experience union with the divine and realize harmony, wholeness and boundless love. In this transcendent state, miracles happen. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing are a natural occurrence.
In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to work with the principles of Medicine for the Earth to ease the suffering of others and also to experience healing for yourself. Everyone in the class will receive a healing and will also perform one. While Reiki practitioners and those who do other types of energy healing may be particularly attracted to this way of working, anyone can do it and no previous experience is necessary.
Bring: Blanket or mat to lie on; pillow or backjack to sit on; bandanna or eyeshade; notebook or journal; comfortable clothes suitable for going outdoors; sack lunch, beverages and snacks for yourself.

To register: Contact Lisa at 636.394.6210 or email magdahl99@hotmail.com
Facilitator: Julie Lange Groth, who has been personally trained by Sandra Ingerman to lead Medicine for the Earth gatherings. Julie is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program and has learned from numerous other teachers from various shamanic traditions. She has been teaching shamanism for more than 10 years. More information at www.ravensdrum.com 
Suggested reading: Medicine for the Earth: How to transform personal and environmental toxins by Sandra Ingerman